Reporting problems to Blueberry
Configuring logsys for beta testing
Logsys is Blueberry’s problem logging tool. It creates technical logs from FlashBack which are essential for our team to fix problems. As a beta tester, you should set your copy of logsys to “developer mode”. This will allow you to hand pick log files to upload into our bug tracking system.

To enable logsys
  1. Go to the recorder menu, and select “support > enable logging auto-run”.
  2. Restart BB FlashBack.

To set logsys to “developer mode”
  1. After enabling logsys and restarting FlashBack, you should see the logsys icon in your systray.
  2. Hold down the shift key and right click the logsys icon (the shift key reveals a hidden option).
  3. Select options.
  4. From the logsys server options, check the “Developer Mode” option from the General tab, and press ok.
Gathering log files
After experiencing a problem, you can retrieve the log files from the logsys tool. These are vital in order for Blueberry to trace and fix problems.

To get the log files:
  1. Double click the log sys application.
  2. If you have set logsys to developer mode, you will see a list of available log files
    Note: if you see a problem reporting window rather than a list of logfiles, then your copy of logsys is not set to developer mode. Please see the “configuring logsys for beta testing” section above.
  3. From the list of log, select all the relevant files. You can find these from the time stamp. Note that logsys may create multiple log files for each session of using FlashBack, so you should select all files from the same time stamp.
    Tip: use the shift key to select multiple log files.
  4. Press the “zip and copy” button. This packs all the selected logfiles into a zip file, and copies this to your clipboard.
  5. Go to any location on your computer, and use the windows clipboard to paste the zip file. This contains the log files.
Reporting problems to Blueberry with PRtrack
PRtrack is Blueberry’s bug tracking system, to which we give beta users full and direct access. Each problem or bug is given a unique ID, and can be commented on by testers, staff and programmers: following a bug from first being reported to being fixed.

To login to PRtrack:
  1. Please browse to:
    Note: PRtrack currently runs on Internet Explorer only.
  2. Login using the product ID “bbfb2”, and the password supplied to you by email from Blueberry. The system will accept the use of any owner name, but to help Blueberry credit your bug reports please use either first name, last name (e.g. John Smith) or your three initials (use x if you don’t have a middle name).

      To create a new issue select “submit new issue”. On this page you do not have to fill in every field (many of them will not be relevant). However please do include:

      • A clear title
      • A detailed explanation of the problem in the “comments” field.
      • Any attachments that may help us. These could include log files and copies of your movie.

      To find an existing issue please select “query database”. From this screen you can search for an issue by a variety of fields.