BB FlashBack V4の新機能

The major new features in version 4 of BB FlashBack are:
  • フェードトランジション
    Now you can add transition effects to join clips when creating your movie. Add them during editing, or let the software add them automatically when inserting a FlashBack movie or video file.
  • ギャラリー
    Simplify the editing workflow by creating a gallery of in-movie annotations like textboxes, images, highlights etc. You can just drag objects in and out of the gallery to save them and add them to a movie.
  • ベータテスト期間中の BB FlashBack のベータ版は、ベータの更新版が自動的 に送信されます
    Blur out sensitive details in a movie - great for creating movies that feature sensitive or personal data.
  • Notes to Textboxes
    Make notes during recording and see them as textboxes in the movie. Just move the cursor to the top of the screen and start typing into the popup Notes window. Recording will auto-pause and restart when you've finished.
  • GIFフォーマットへの出力
    For easy embedding into Web pages.
Plus numerous other improvements.

Want to upgrade from an earlier version? Visit the upgrade center to see the cost and have questions answered.
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