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We're pleased to welcome customers of Sonexis to Blueberry Software Web Site.

Blueberry is the publisher of BB FlashBack - the screen recording product recommended by Sonexis for use with their conferencing system.

BB FlashBack allows you to make high quality recordings of your audio and web conferences to share with colleagues.

Getting started is easy...
1. Download BB FlashBack.
2. To record just your voice, connect a microphone to your PC's soundcard. To record the conference audio, connect your telephone to your PC's soundcard using a telephone adapter (we recommend DynaMetric's TMP-636 PC telephone interface).
3. Start recording with BB FlashBack.
4. Publish synchronized audio and web recording saved on your PC.

From this page, you can read more about BB FlashBack, download the evaluation edition, or buy a licence.
What is BB FlashBack?
BB FlashBack Boxshot

BB FlashBack is the screen recorder that
creates great movies quickly and easily.

Perfect for software demonstrations,
screencasting, presentations, tutorials and training.


Record the full screen, window or region.

Enhance with sound, text and images.

Publish to Flash, AVI, WMV, EXE and PowerPoint.

  See the full feature list.
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Why BB FlashBack?
It's the screen recorder with all the features you need to make high quality movies and deliver them in the right format for you and your audience.
Add Text, Images, Sound
Record a commentary while recording the screen or add it later. Add MP3 or WAV sound files to movies.
Add text boxes, callouts and images to your movie. Choose from a number of styles and customise their appearance.
Powerful editing functions allow you to tidy up the recording, remove mistakes and crop it down to any area.
Flexible publishing for your screen recording
Flexible Publishing
Reach the widest possible audience. The BB FlashBack screen recorder exports to Flash, AVI, WMV, EXE and PowerPoint.
You decide how your screen recording will be presented. Full control over sound and video quality and filesize.
Full playback controls in Flash and EXE exports.
BB FlashBack - certified designed for Windows XP
Certified for Windows
Microsoft has granted BB FlashBack the 'Designed for Windows XP' certification.
It has passed rigorous testing designed by Microsoft to guarantee that the product meets a higher level of quality and works well with Windows XP.
More questions about using and buying BB FlashBack? See our FAQ.


Screen Recording The Easy Way
After installing BB FlashBack you can be recording in just a few mouse clicks and making movies in minutes. It's easy.
Just run BB FlashBack, select 'Record' and use your PC as normal. Everything you see on your screen is captured.
Edit & Enhance
Use BB FlashBack's powerful editing features to add text, callouts, images and sound to your screen recording.
Once you're happy with the movie, export to Flash, AVI, WMV, PowerPoint or EXE formats.


Best of Breed Screen Recorder Technology
Maximum performance
BB FlashBack uses a radically different way of capturing the action than other screen recorder software. It has a minimal impact on PC performance, so you can record full screen at high frame rates, resulting in the smoothest, best looking movies around.
Smallest file sizes
Because FlashBack records only screen changes and uses a custom compression engine, you get the smallest movie files possible.
Download and start using BB FlashBack right now for free.

Demo Movies
These movies show what BB FlashBack can do. We've made each available in a few file formats, so download and try them out!
Movies in EXE and PowerPoint format need to be downloaded and saved to your hard drive before playback.
Getting started with BB FlashBack
This movie introduces the key features of BB FlashBack and shows how easy it is to make a recording.
Introduction to our screen recorder software.
Flash: Video (560Kb) | With sound (1.6Mb)
WMV: Video (470Kb)
EXE: Video (960Kb)
PPT: Video (640Kb)
Access 2000 Easter Egg
See how to find a hidden feature in MS Access.
Movie showing how to find a hidden Access feature.
Flash: Video (260Kb) | With sound (840Kb)
WMV: Video (180Kb)
EXE: Video (610Kb)
PPT: Video (290Kb)
Setting the default printer
A movie showing how to set the default printer in Windows XP.
Movie showing how to set the default printer.
Flash: Video (640Kb) | With sound (1Mb)
WMV: Video (320Kb)
EXE: Video (1Mb)
PPT: Video (570Kb)
If Flash movies don't play in your browser, you may need the Flash player plug-in.
Movies in MS PowerPoint format will require either PowerPoint or the PowerPoint viewer to be installed. Visit to download the free PowerPoint viewer.


iPOV has been helping organisations create high-quality eLearning videos for over 6 years. Send iPOV your BB FlashBack screen recordings and they can process them complete with Voiceover, Scrolling Script (form of Closed Captioning) Trackability and up on a website in record time.

Create it in BB FlashBack, and iPOV can help you reach the highest standards in eLearning. Click here to find out more.


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