Upgrade Center
We've made a major upgrade to BB TestAssistant: version 2.0.
You can find out about the new features here.

I'm trialing BB TestAssistant 1.5. I've not purchased it yet.


I purchased BB TestAssistant 1.5 and want to try 2.0


I've purchased BB TestAssistant1.5 and want to upgrade to 2.0


I want to upgrade more than one licence - do I get a discount?


I had an educational or charity discount when I purchased BB TestAssistant. Do I get a discount on the upgrade?


I purchased BB TestAssistant from a reseller. How do I upgrade?


I just want to play movies created by version 2.0 - not buy it

Any more questions? Email us at testassistant2-support@bbsoftware.co.uk.