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Can I edit an AVI or Flash file with BB FlashBack? I want to edit an AVI or Flash movie with BB FlashBack. ( Pro, Express, TestAssistant, Standard)
Inserting movie in a movie, saving parts of movie Is it possible to do editing such as inserting part of a movie into another movie, or save parts of a movie? ( Standard, Pro, Express)
Noise reduction for audio Is there any option for noise reduction? The computer I'm recording on is adding a regular background noise glitch in the audio stream. ( TestAssistant, Pro)
Zoom affects the entire movie I've added a zoompan effect to zoom into something, but the zoom affects the entire movie from that point. I just want to zoom in for a short time. ( TestAssistant, Pro)
Exported AVI doesn't play on other computers I've exported my movie to an AVI file. This plays fine on my PC but not in other computers. ( Standard, TestAssistant, Pro, Express)
What is the 'lock' icon on sound track headers for? What is the small 'lock' icon on the sound track header for? ( TestAssistant, Pro)
Flash movie pauses when I run it from web server My Flash exports play ok from my local hard drive, but when I copy them to a web server, playback pauses. ( Pro, Express, Standard, TestAssistant)
How do I rename audio tracks? Is it possible to rename the audio tracks: English, Spanish, French as opposed to microphone 1, 2 etc ? ( TestAssistant, Pro)
Editing frames creates a blip in sound I have a movie with sound. When I delete or insert frames, this creates a 'blip' sound at the edit point. ( Pro, TestAssistant)
Which export format should I use? What are the best settings for low or high quality playback that won't stress PC resources. ( Express, Standard, Pro, TestAssistant)
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